Jingles are Archaic, the Modern Ice-Cream Van Can be Tracked on Your Phone

Wednesday 21st August 2014 - Just in time for the Bank Holiday an ice cream van company has introduced an app that allows you to track their fleet. With the nation hoping for a hot August Bank Holiday this weekend, O2 Business has today unveiled the UK?s most high-tech fleet of ice cream vans which, in an industry first, can now be tracked by customers in real-time. Guilford-based Tony Fresko Ltd, which operates a fleet of 19 vans, has been given a ?technology makeover? by the small business experts at O2 to demonstrate the tangible benefits that technology can offer to companies, no matter the size. This picture: Dorota Wroniewicz and Natalia Wroniewicz, aged 2 from Aldershort find a Tony Fresko van using the O2 tracker app For further information or a full release please contact Laura Bevan or Lindsay Cleland on 020 7566 9747 / lindsay.cleland@hopeandglorypr.com / laura.bevan@hopeandglorypr.com PR Handout Copyright: Mikael Buck / O2 / Hope & Glory Tel: 07828 201 042Tony Fresko Vans in Surrey have become the most high-tech ice cream vans in the country thanks to mobile tech.

from Gizmodo UK http://ift.tt/1oVq3qG


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